U.S. Restricts Travel from India
U.S. Restricts Travel from India

President Biden added India to the list of countries affected by coronavirus-related travel restrictions, signing a proclamation on Friday barring entry into the U.S. by foreign nationals who have been present within India over the last 14 days.

The proclamation, which outlines a number of categories for exemptions, does not exempt students or visiting academics. However, a State Department official said Friday that consular officials may grant National Interest Exceptions for "students and certain academics participating in programs starting August 2021 or later. This includes qualified applicants who have been present in Brazil, China, Iran, South Africa, or India and who are seeking to commence an academic program on August 1, 2021 or later.”

The State Department announced the eligibility for exemptions from coronavirus-related travel restrictions for students and academics present in Brazil, China, Iran and South Africa earlier last week, prior to the addition of India to the travel ban list.

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