Vermont Bars Out-of-State Students From Getting Vaccinated
Vermont Bars Out-of-State Students From Getting Vaccinated

Vermont has barred out-of-state students from getting COVID-19 vaccines in the state, The Burlington Free Press reported.

Governor Phil Scott, a Republican, said at a press conference, "At this point in time, we want to make sure we're taking care of Vermonters first."

The decision drew immediate criticism. At the University of Vermont and at some private colleges, a majority of students are from out of state, and they have been discouraged from traveling.

An editorial in The Middlebury Campus said, "We stand in staunch opposition to this short-sighted, illogical and dangerous restriction."

The editorial added, "Scott’s rhetoric of 'Vermonters first' is both disconcerting and disappointing. It feels especially hypocritical given Scott’s desire for young people who come to Vermont -- for college or otherwise -- to build a life here. This nativist, protectionist approach estranges students who spend nine months or more out of the year living and working in Vermont. But more importantly, it denies them important access to the most effective protection against COVID."

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